this is funny

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this is funny

Post by van21691 on Sat Oct 13, 2007 1:47 am

So I was in my class, we had a subsitute teacher. Our TA (Teacher's Assistant/Aide) is talking about what our teacher said. She said that, we have to do the test..

Yesterday, our teacher said that if the substitute is late by 15 mins we will not continue the test. So the sub did not come till 15 mins, so our class told her that "if the sub is late, postpone the test." She did not believe us. She gave the test to us, none of us did the test. Thats what our teacher told us. Follow the teacher. Then 15 mins later, we found out that the sub that is currently subbing in, is another sub for our real subsitute teacher. The "fake" sub is telling the "real" sub what to do. The "real" sub was pissed. When the "fake" sub left the room, the class was clapping. Hehe.

Then the "fake" sub head the clapping, she came back to the room, and ask "why are you clapping for?" we told her. You left the class.

if you were in my class. you're going to laugh out loud Laughing Surprised Smile Very Happy lol! lol!

It was fun. So after that, the TA and our class told the "real" sub what our teacher told us. She said, pass your test forward. Hehe. We did not finish the test. Or let me say, start it.

This is what we had in our mind. Why did the "fake" sub commanded the "real" sub what to do. She is a substitute TEACHER she know what to do. Don't tell her what to do.

It was funny.

Wow an essay Smile


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Re: this is funny

Post by onisgam0324 on Fri Oct 19, 2007 1:13 am




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