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For everyones general knowledge, I'm Jonathan, I started cubing when I was in college using the prehistoric Layer Method. But later by span of months I stopped due to other hobbies and studies. But my friend Albert whom I taught continued solving it but not to a point of speedcubing. Just the basics. Later on 2005, if i recall it correct, September was the month, he showed me again he can solve it faster using the Fridrich Method. He then was Sub60 and I was very very amazed with him. I wanted to learn also but I have no cube, finding a cube then was very near to impossible. Finding an original cube was a myth. So what I did was I scrape all toy store finding for a cube. But later on it pay off, November of 2005 I found a second hand Rubik's Cube from Japan. I did not start right away because I was sure I'm going to ruin a treasure. I started browsing sites related to speedcubing so then I stumble at Dan Harris site. I was inspired by his site so then I made print outs of his algorithm and then started memorizing January 2006, the month I started speedcubing.

As i go on to this new found world, I came across Shotaro's site and it was also very useful, then Lar's Vandenberg, Joel Van Nort and so on. Then my friend told me he know someone from Iligan that can solve a Rubik's Cube in less than 25 seconds! Yes, that was JB Caņares. Actually by the time I started speedcubing JB was already sub20. So then I added him at Friendster and soon joined also RCSS. I now thank JB for those time asking him tons of noob questions.

November of 2006, Mateus guested at Unang Hirit and I was astonished! I never imagined this is going to happen here in the country. I then contact JB about him then later I came to know they were already know each other quite a long time doing races online and stuff like that. Then 2007 things came out faster than expected. Cubers were gathered at the Friendster account created by RCSS. We have now gathered cubers from all over the country.

The main problem at that time for cubers was a original cube. So at around May, TRU opened up at Trinoma and I was strucked because I saw a brand new original Rubik's Cube in real life for sale locally. Yes I did purchased mine from the US at Ed's Thinkshop it is closed now, the site is not running anymore. So I informed everyone about this breaking news at Friendster and so then everyone is very happy finally. As the group grew we decided to have a site/forum. I made the LOGO for PCA. I made one and its good but it does not have a ".com" at its end. Soon Lester created one and later then obtained a ".com" from a friend and so this forum began.

We became very excited of it because we know that the hobby will be very big. Later Mateus informed us that he will be coming home for the summer so we were all excited for the first Filipino Cube Meet. It was at Megamall, a Sunday that was and we were, Lyn, Benjo, Lester, Hans, Jan Jerome, his girlfriend and brother, and my wife. This was a very memorable meet since its a day when I first saw a very fast cuber, first time to use a stackmat timer, first time to race with anyone, and most of all first Cubesmith Stickers courtesy of Mateus. Thanks again man!.

After that meet I went to TRU at Trinoma and talked to the manager and I asked if they can sponsor our competition. I gaved them our pics and videos so they have something to show to their subordinates. They gave me the contacts of their boss so I also tried to email them formally. At Wednesday of that week, I went to Cebu. The second Filipino Cube Meet that is. I met JB and the rest of cubers there. It was an amazing meet. We raced like it was our last. I still remember when JB has a very long hair and I gave him his Cubesmith Stickers courtesy of Mateus.

That week was also the planning week for RCPO2K7. We first held a YM conference with Ron and many other cubers.We already decide on our duties for the competition but we have a problem on the venue. Mateus has already had a proposed venue but not yet final. Later I checked my email and TRU responded that they are willing to sponsor for our venue. I informed everyone about this and we all had goosebumps. Because we know it is really coming true. So then RCPO2K7 finally came and everyone has lots of mixed emotions. But what is common was we were all living the dream of joining an official competition. As an icing to the cake, it was also covered by media courtesy of GMA7 were I worked.

So after the competition, the plan for the next one has already started on my mind. But as we came appearing on media, speedcubing began exponentially popular. At November of same year, I planned a competition together with Benjo and Pajo. So we came up with Diliman Open2K8. The first competition for this year. It was a success, most organized ever. Thanks to the very impressive judges/ scramblers. And of course again this was covered by media same as the first time.

From January to April I was the Administrator of this site, yes this site. But I'm sure very very few knew it because my colors here were green but blue and it is not red. This is possible as long as the rights are granted to you by the administrator. The thins I had done when I was an admin were, re-structured every category and forum, those cube icons you saw then at your profiles, I made the rules, arranged topics and sort them to proper categories and etc. I named all categories and forum for this site and also did some other stuff on the admin control panel. And of course did some moderation as well.

Then JB Caņares became the 2nd WCA Delegate for the country and conducted the Cebu Open. It was a great competition even if it has small participants. Cubers here are really helping JB and the organizers. After the competition we decided to have an official site which is www.philippinecubersassociation.org. This is the site for PCA. It was thru the courtesy of Benjo who really make it possible. This serves as the site for official competitions in the country. I am the WebMaster of the site and I'm managing it together with the PCA board.

After the launch of the site, I started planning for RCPO2K8. There were 200 plus pre-registered but only 14x joined. It was one of the world largest competition ever. I was kinda disappointed though, not that somebody else stole my bag but most of the competitors were hard to contain. It was the first competition I joined that my rest was every solve I'm doing. It was very exhausting. Anyways it was still a success.

After this competition we decided to settle PCA as an entity by registering it to SEC. But first we have to have officers. So here it is the officers and currently members of PCA

Chairman of the Board/ President: Jonathan Papa
Board Member/ VP: JB Caņares
Board Member/ VP: Mateus Moitinho de Almeida
Board Member/ VP: Benjo Enriquez
Board Member/ VP: Lester Santos

Its really a shame for those who post here claiming they are PCA, welcome to PCA, blah blah blah. We and the board had worked very hard for this community voluntarily, expecting nothing in return. Can you please give us the right to say who is PCA and who is not?

This will be my last post here in the forum and after a week I will be deleting my account for the sake of PCA. This is a wake up call to every member of this forum, can you please ask yourselves how did you helped PCA? You are claiming your reputation here in this forum as a cuber but you have not even sweat for this community. You believe you are suppose to be respected because you have a thousand post here, really great. You don't want rules because your too busy minding your own self. You don't like rules because you don't want RESPONSIBILITY. You don't want rules and now look at yourself you are mislead.

I'm very sorry to everyone for I am the user "THIS_IS_NOT_PCA". First sorry Paolo, it is not you or anybody else. Its just my way of getting the attention of everyone. You see, posting a topic like "Paturo Naman Po Ng F2L" will not get any attention these days. Again sorry man, I know you know who I am and it is unlikely if I do that to you. I made that account to see how this community handles reality. Some post really made me laugh and really really mad. But I cannot blame anyone, you did not know it was me. But if you knew will you stand with your words? I hope you do because if you really do then PCA needs you. I will also delete that account together with Unscarred1925 so I will leave no marks behind. Again Paolo sorry, your a big help to the community, better if you know where you stand, don't be mislead like most here are. Ever asked the question your the last man standing as a mod?

Thanks to www.pinoyspeedcubers.com it opened the world of speedcubing for this country yet it is dividing them now.


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