CJ of sunday contest, please read this:

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CJ of sunday contest, please read this:

Post by pajodaep on Thu Jul 17, 2008 3:33 am

This issue concerning a person named CJ whoís been winning the Sunday contest for the past few weeks with insane averages have been starting to stir up. Thus, before the tensions builds up, I suggest it's best that we leave this CJ alone for now. But, before that, Iíd like to impart my opinion.

Sunday contest isn't comparable to speedcubing.com's unofficial world records. In speedcubing.com, if a cuber submits a dangerous time (highly suspected of being manufactured), they require proof via video or whatever means to prop up his claims. In the Sunday Contest, however, it's all about honesty. With dozens of entries presented every week, itís almost impossible for us to trace whoís honest and whoís faking his times. For all we know, Harris Chan or Stefan Huber might be exaggerating their times (but I doubt that; these guys have already earned their credibility).Then again, for all we know, CJ might actually be authentic. But if I were to be asked, I have BIG qualms concerning CJís times. Whether they are genuine or not, I still give him the benefit of the doubt. I have my suspicions for numerous reasons. First, his July 6th (10.35secs) entry is simply crazy. It gives me this insane illusion that all along, the fastest cuber in the world resides right here in our country, just under our noses. Come to think of it, July 6th was the RCPO2k8. Why was there no CJ during this event? Second, why would he use the name CJ alone? Itís too short, as if he doesnít want his real name to be revealed. Thus, I ended up speculating as to who this guy could be? Cruz Jargs? the only reasonable name would be Canares JB (but JB says CJ is not him.) So, who is this CJ? Even so, I still think thereís a possibility that that CJ is genuine coz it hasnít been disproved yet that he isnít. Fact is he hasnít shown himself yet. Thus, no matter how slim the possibility is that heís authentic, itís still a possibility. Think of the time when we had this entire rampage that Durben might in fact be faking his claims - that heís already averaging sub-15. I myself even had my suspicions. But, I have proven myself wrong after I witnessed his remarkable solves during the RCPO2K8. The kid was amazing; heís a pure gift! There was also this time when I have been sceptical regarding Rowe Hesslerís Unofficial World Record for the BLD coz it was insanely fast, and coz it deemed impossible for someone to acquire a sub-40 BLD. But I have also proven myself to be mistaken. After Rowe joined a competition and solved BLD really fast (ranked 3rd in the world then), I retracted my statement and apologized for that ridiculous opinion. These two (and maybe some others) have suffered erroneous judgment just because there are posting times which most of us reckon to be impossible. They were marked as posers. But the good news is that these guys have shown to us that they are not deceivers - Through competitions. The best way to prove that you are not being dishonest about your times is to actually flaunt them. This, I believe, has been the dilemma of the 15-year old kid who got banned from speedcubing for 3 years because he refused to show up and disprove what others claim. I understand we havenít forgotten this kid yet. It was most talked-about rumor in the speedcubing community this year. (But I wonít elaborate further. Heís still underaged). That being said, I would like to hand over this challenge to CJ. If heís really who he claims he is, I just want him to show himself - join cubemeets, join competitions, or post videos. If CJ is just a pseudonym or an alternick, I dare him to reveal his true name. Thatís all. But letís just leave him alone for now. Letís wait for him to show up. But, let's just leave him alone,coz if heís a faker, he might just actually be enjoying all these attentions weíve been giving him, and I want nothing else but for this issue to die down, to leave CJ alone, and let CJ to be forgotten. But if CJ decides to come and prove himself, I promise to retract the abovementioned speculations regarding him. Thatís all. I wish I had myself clear.

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Re: CJ of sunday contest, please read this:

Post by TheJoker on Thu Jul 17, 2008 10:02 am

yup... that was a very good statement...

i remember DURBEN... from CEBU wonder to fame... well i said sorry to the kid in person the first time we met at RCPO2k8 July 5...

and also MAPE... he also claim that he is fast in BLD... and in RCPO2k8... he prove it and also almost made a champion for a mere 11 miliseconds out of JERJERO...

well... i support what sir PAJO wanted about this CJ... although the rate of suspicion is that HIGH... i still believe my motto... "to see is to believe"...

thanks po marami... heheheheheh... Very Happy:D:D:D

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